Looby Information

Want to update the look of your home or business?

Need new flowers? Do you appreciate or admire the way your neighbor’s lawn looks?

Your lawn can be just as beautiful with a garden filled with colorful

flowers, an efficient irrigation system, and a long-lasting hardscape. Looby can give you the best

looking yard in your neighborhood. Serving the Charlotte NC area for over 15 years,

GW Looby Landscaping, Inc. specializes in  projects, design, lawn care and maintenance.

We are often referred work because of our excellent service and are listed on  Angie’s list as a quality

landscaping company.

Got you covered

Whether you’re looking for general lawn maintenance or would like to install a new sprinkler system, our

crew is equipped and experienced to handle your small or large project.

Our services include:

Landscape consultation and design– meet with us and

we can develop designs for your home’s lawn and

garden that will be aesthetically pleasing and

ecologically efficient.

Lawn care services

Call on us for lawn maintenance

Landscaping services

Depend on us for landscape maintenance, detailing,

and we designs.

Irrigation system

Need to irritate your lawn or a plot of land? Call

us to revitalize your land efficiently.

Hardscape design and construction.

Meet with us and we can create beautiful and a

sturdy concrete landscapes for your home.

Give us a call today for your next landscaping

project we will walk you through step by step.

Landscaping tips

For those projects you would like to do your self here is a list of helpful tips —

The professionals ay Looby Landscaping want to keep your lawn healthy and green.

Be sure to water your lawn thoroughly at least 6 inches into the soil each week.

Properly fertilize your lawn according to the season, contact the professionals and Looby

landscaping on the correct fertilizing ratios. It is important to treat weeds and pests

immediately to prevent damage to your lawn,shrubbery, and trees.

Invest in a lawn mower featuring interchangeable blades, dull blades can damage your grass.

Re-seed empty spots in your grass in early Spring and Fall.

Make your lawn mowing easier and quicker by planting covers between the curbing and sidewalk.

Mulch and edge your tree bases to decrease mowing time.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Looby Landscaping ,we understand that before you begin a big landscaping project you may have

questions. We hope you will not hesitate to give us a call if you have further questions. : )

What is the best way to maintain my lawn?

Water once a week. A sprinkler system can facilitate even irrigation. Fertilize once a year.

Prune surrounding trees and mow often. Contact us about a lawn maintenance program that best fits

your needs and budget.

After I mowed my lawn what should become of the


Leave the clippings, do not blow them away. There are many useful nutrients contained in the

clippings these will help keep your lawn healthy and green. If clippings are more than 1 inch in

length, remove them.

Will my water bill go up by using an automatic


No, it will actually help conserve water using a sprinkler system with a control and rain sensor

will ensure that your lawn only receive the amount of water needed for proper maintenance.

Thank you for your interest in our Charlotte landscaping services. If you have more questions would like

consultation or a free estimate feel free to give us a call or contact us anytime.


Let the professionals handle the task of maintaining and improving your garden. You don’t have to exert extra effort and spend time with your lawn mowers to do the landscaping for your garden.  Looby, with its vast experience in landscape projects will surely do the perfect job for you. After Looby finishes its work on your garden, you will surely be satisfied and pleased with the result. You’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth with Looby, and your garden will surely turn out to be beautiful.